Wednesday, February 27, 2008

invisible blog in the sky

have you ever noticed how some people pronounce certain words differently? i'm not talking about accents either - i'm not sure what it is but it really annoys/intrigues me. for example, you have "milk" and "pillows" where people will pronounce them "melk" and "pellows," with a short "e" sound rather than a short "i." or, some people will say "cra'n" instead of "craYON" - they like apostraphize or contract it for some reason. some weird pronunciations seem to belong to certain groups - like the blacks. they pronounce "length" like "lenth" with a short "e" rather than "lAngth" with a long "a." or, they'll say "iggles," with a short "i" instead of "eagles." i checked all the audio pronunciations on and some of these alternative pronunciations are actually considered "correct." although, my ways are all listed first - of course.

can you believe all the hubbub over the "barrack in muslim clothes" pictures? i think the thing that bothers me the most is that people actually think that being muslim is any wackier or worse than being christian or any other religion. sure, islam might be worse overall but anytime anyone does anything in the name of an invisible wizard in the sky and his magical land of the dead is nuts - whether it be good or bad. i can't wait till we, as peoples, are evolved enough to look at christians who give up chocolate for lent, jews with their curly sideburns, hindus with their magic carpets and muslims with their suicide bombs with equal contempt and judgment - seriously though!

you see how only foreign actors won oscars this year? you know why that is, right? it's because american actors look good first and then learn to act as a mere formality. europeans are a little more evolved than us cowboy americans and see things a little more sensibly. they put the acting ahead of the looks and not the cart before the horse, if you will. guys like brad pitt and george clooney are decent enough actors but do you think they'd ever be able to preen and mug in europe? heck no! nor would tilda swinton or daniel day lewis be given a chance to ham it up in america. the more i think about this theory the less water it holds but whatever...i'm just bitter for being jowly, balding and american :(

during my lunch break i walked to the park next door and read because i'm cerebral. anyway, as i was sitting on a bench reading i saw little green birds in the tree above me. were they parrots??? i was sooo excited!!! how did the parrots appear in a park in la? did they escape from a zoo? were they someone's pets? what if they mated, would we have a whole bunch of parrots in la??? it'd be like the tiki room - in la! i shared my discovery once i got back to work and one guy said they were parakeets. so i wikipedia'd parakeets and they're little parrots which means maybe la CAN turn into the tiki room!!!

ba dum BLOG!!!

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Kelly said...

Oh dont get me started on word pronunciation...

PS I really enjoy the visual effects when I read this new and improved blog site of yours.