Tuesday, February 26, 2008

sometimes mens look like womens

this is a non-traditional blog (in terms of the method in which i normally blog) where i mostly blog through the magic of picture rather than the power of word. anywho, blogmark this blog for this blog will be updated periodically - on a need to blog basis.

editor's note: i apologize for i cannot figure out how to line up these stupid pictures correctly and i'm about to kill myself over frustration. also, the blogger's nemesis, perez hilton, called to attention the daniel noriega/jessica alba uncanniness this morning but said blogger saw it first. although, the blogger would still admit that not all of these likenesses are of his own discovery.

sarah silverman

my roommate dave

david ortiz

heavy-set black woman from "good times"

carrot top

jeanne tripplehorn

danny from "american idol" aka the new sanjaya

jessica alba


carrot top (he really looks like a chick)

mike dunleavy

pat summit

julia stiles

scott rolen

mary poppins (w/ soot on face...racist?)

farnsworth bentley (p-diddy's man-slave)

stuart townsend

keira knighltey

ba dum BLOG!!!


Colin said...

Is Marry Poppins one just because she has black face on?

popinjay07 said...

colin, i believe the proper term is "african american face."

Kelly said...

It makes me laugh that you put your roomates pic on here

Cooper said...

Is it weird that this makes me more attracted to Jessica Alba?

Krystal said...

Brilliant!!! I never would have thought to pair any of those people together! Lol!