Monday, February 25, 2008

blog behind the curtain

everyone keeps saying "eli came into his own." which, if you really think about it, means absolutely nothing. seriously, what does that even mean? anyway, have you ever tried saying that phrase in the present tense, like "i'd like to come into my own one day." i'm not going to get into the specific implications of how dirty this sounds but a phrase i haven't heard that changes so much from the past to the present tense.

i know everyone has a hard on for "the family guy" but that show is seriously overrated. it's funny, but there's not much to it. i think that's why it's so popular in college life; the viewing experience is no different whether you're drunk, high, hungover or using it as background noise to drown out the sounds of sex. on the flip side, a very underrated show is "the king of the hill" and much the superior to "the family guy." i never watched it much but it's always playing when i'm at the gym. can you believe it's been on for 12 seasons??? the show has an actual plot with storylines too - these are features "the family guy" eschews in lieu of bad jokes about 80s sitcoms.

what the hell is that "wait for it..." shizz everyone says? you know what i'm talking about; people use it to accentuate a punch-line and they'll say "wait for it....wait for it..." what is this from? is this from a movie or something? it's probably from some generic-ass comedy like "anchor man" or "wedding crashers." anyway, i hate that shizz and will no longer go along with it...i will not... wait for it...

another thing about the facebook, which i hate but use nonetheless, is that it needs a "tom." i'm not even really sure what tom does; he maybe owned the company, he maybe runs it, he maybe is just a figurehead but he's there and he's the proverbial fuzzy, cute and cuddly man behind the curtain. he brings humanity to myspace where the facebook is cold, callous, inhuman. booo faceboo!!!

ba dum BLOG!!!

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