Monday, February 25, 2008

blog of milk and honey

i just saw joey fatone on the tv and it reminds me of how funny life is sometimes. back in the *nsync days j.c. was the "handsome one," justin was the "cute one," chris kirkpatrick was the "creepy one," lance bass was the "gay one" (yes, even then) and joey was the "fat one." FAT ONE = FATONE = FAT ONE!!! moments like this make me believe in god - but not really. still though, joey is probably the second most successful *nsync member and that's gotta' count for something!

can you believe that some people actually believe in horoscopes, astrology and the like? this may be even nuttier than believing in god and/or the stock market. i've heard people actually say "oh, you're a scorpio. no wonder we get along so well." wtf??? am i to believe the positioning of the stars as my skull crests actually predicts my social/economic triumphs and failures? if you go through every horoscope there's a little bit in each one that could apply to anybody. why are newspapers actually wasting trees and squids on this shizz? i'm writing tom and getting the sign's removed from our 'space profiles.

my dental woes continue... not only are my teeth still getting gappier by the day, my bite is all fubar now and my jaw is catching and clicking like i have tmj or something. seriously, you'd think after my teeth have been set in a certain place for ten years that they'd just stay that way on their own. now my jaw is even moving, which means my skull is moving...ughhh if i had half the resilience as my teeth had maybe i'd be at least be working at nbc or the cw by now.

poor britney. seriously, she has too many arabs in her life. it's like she's israel and is being overrun by blood thirsty muslims. a once fertile and peaceful land, literally touched by the grace of god, flowing with milk and honey is now war-torn, embattled and leaking oil. the parallels are clearly more than analogous.

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