Monday, February 25, 2008


when i see all these teenagers with their cell phones and myspaces it really pisses me off because all i can think about is how agonizing it was to call a girl and try to get past her parents back in my tween/teen years. now, you can call a girl directly or just post a comment on her 'space. i really think if i had a cell phone and/or the internets during my formative years it would've all turned out different for me. i feel like i'm still at the stage where i'm using the internets as a crutch. if i had the internets/cell phone at like 12 or 13 i'd probably be able to talk to girls at grocery stores or the dmv by now.

trans fat has gotta' be fake, right? i don't think it was ever in any of those foods that claim "now, no trans fat!" i mean, they aren't necessarily lying, they're just saying "there is no trans fat in this bag of chips, now." and, i have to admit, i've fallen for it and eaten something just because it said "now, no trans fat!" i'm a sucker :(

ugh, i hate those mac commercials - from those ipod commercials with their trendy, hipster music to the ones with justin long and the fat guy from the daily show. i don't even understand what message they're trying to give. the mac (justin long) is disgustingly smug and smarmy while the pc (fat daily show guy) is funny and cuddly. what do you want: smug and smarmy or funny and cuddly?

i'm copyrighting all the rambotox jokes that will soon be hitting the late night circuit in honor of the new "rambo" movie. i made this joke up, it's mine. however, i just googled "rambotox" and there are like a million listings. i'm trite, banal and hackneyed...i am will ferrell :(

ba dum BLOG!!!

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