Sunday, February 24, 2008

blog now, walk later

i'm of the philosophy that, when confronted with a crowded parking lot, i park early and walk far. i just don't get the whole driving around forever to find a spot that'd put you like 50-100 yds. closer (a football field is my only frame of reference when trying to measure distances). i just like walking and the less time i spend in the car, especially in a parking lot, the better. plus, i hate parking lot driving/drivers; the rules and regulations are very vague and it just seems like the most stressful/busy driving there is.

i watched the grammy's last night (mainly to see amy winehouse) but that kanye west is a lunatic. i mean, i love him, think his music is great and he's a fantastic preformer (LOOOVE his crazy light up glasses). however, i think he's the only person on the planet who's a big enough ass where i don't even feel sorry for him when he whines about his mama dying. amy winehouse is crazy too but she's mostly under the influence. on the other hand, kanye is all sorts of crazy all on his own ego maniacal, narcissistic accord.

i'm a weird dude but i really don't like live bands/concerts. i was at a bar in burbank this weekend and this 80s cover band started playing. one friend was bobbing his head, another was filming the band with his camera and i couldn't be more bored/annoyed. they were a perfectly fine band but live music in tiny bars is just too loud for me. plus, i don't want to be anywhere where i can't talk and be heard. it's the same reason why i don't like cool dude clubs. i just have things to say and am confident in the fact (yes, FACT) that there is no musical performance more interesting than my random/inappropriate musings and or observations.

i had a conversation last week in regards to the superbowl and i brought up randy moss and my conversational co conspirator had no clue who randy moss was. not only that but they didn't even offer an explanation or excuse of why they've never heard of him. in fact, they were a little haughty about it as if i were the crazy one for getting into a superficial superbowl convo and having the gall to bring up randy moss. anyway, i found myself on the other side of this faux pas this morning when talking about the grammy's and i didn't know who herbie hancock was. in fact, the only time i think i've ever heard of him before last night was in tommy boy when chris farley asked for someone's "herbie hancock," in lieu of john hancock. anyway, the first thing i did was look up herbie hancock on the wikipedia. see, that's why i'm such a GREAT conversationalist. i may not know how to do my taxes, bake a cake, change a tire or give a woman a proper orgasm but if a reference comes up in conversation that i'm not privy to i look it up asap, post haste.

ba dum BLOG!!!

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