Sunday, February 24, 2008

a palpable blog

"barnes and noble" and "borders" have got to be the two most interchangeable, competing stores on the planet. nay the universe can anybody honestly say, while in store, which bookstore they are inhabiting? in fact, i live up the street from a "barnes and noble" and/or borders, that i patronize quite frequently, and i have no clue which it is. i wikipidia'd both stores and the only discernible difference i could find was that "barnes and noble" often houses a "starbucks." still though, does one store have a book the other one doesn't? do the inventories differ at all?

as an addendum to jaunt previous, does anyone else's bladder know when they're in a bookstore? i know jerry seinfeld had a bit about this but i never hear anyone else qualify this. see, i think he's talking about peepee but for me it's poopoo all the way. you may be thinking; well, you must bring a book into the bathroom at home so you're just having a pavlovian poopoo response. au contraire mon frair i do not often read in the can so i don't know what it is. my mom has the same issue though so maybe it's genetics.

i'm watching the clemens steroid hearing right now, as i blog, and they just said there was a palpable mass on clemens' right buttocks. lolzzzzzzzzzz speaking of which, can my african american bretheren please cease all the talk of the racial implications in regards to barry bonds and steroids? see, they're going after whitey, too

faux hawks are a tricky hairdo. it just seems as though there's a considerable amount of upkeep involved in maintaining them. for example, if you go more than a few weeks without maintenance it'll sort of flop over and you'll look like an over-the-hill rooster. only a minority of people can pull off this look which, coincidentally, does not include minorities. mexicans and asians particularly look silly with the faux hawk. mexicans' heads are often too big and their considerable amount of widows peaks don't often lend themselves to the look. meanwhile, asians' hair is too straight and thin. racist?

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