Sunday, February 24, 2008


i can't stand when people snarkily say "tmi" or any variation there of. there is no such thing as too much information. i don't care how gross, revolting, sad, tragic, etc. it is, i want to know about it. knowledge and information is power, baby! sure, i may recoil in disgust but after the initial wave of shock passes i'll take it all in, reflect, respond and file away these nuggets of truth. what this really is though is a cheap, condescending way of putting someone down and engaging in the tired old game of one-upsmanship. i have no time for people who act like they're above an anecdote of bm's, cat vomit or skull f'ing.

you know how there's that statistic where, because of the factory machinery and such, for every five candy bars you eat you're also ingesting a bug??? doesn't bug (ba dum CHHH) me. if i see a bug in my food, i'll simply remove it and continue my meal. if i see a hair in my food, i'll do the same - doesn't phase me. besides, we're eating that stuff all the time. you know that stat i just mentioned about the bugs/candy bars...i guarantee the same thing goes for pubic hairs. i swear, pubes be everywhere - you know what i'm talking about too. we've all opened up an old board game that we haven't played in years and, low and behold, what's sitting there in the middle of the box??? that's right, a short and curly, rolling across "go" like a tumbleweed passing through town in an old western.

it saddens me to say but i really can't stand the "foo fighters." granted, i know NOTHING about music but it seems whenever i hear some popular song i hate it always turns out to be the "foo fighters." the reason this saddens me is because dave grohl is, by all accounts, a super cool dude with a great personality, sense of humour and a lot of talent. i just wish more people's contributions to the world matched their personality - i don't like to be conflicted. for example, terrell owens is a fantastic player and a true delight to watch - very exciting and entertaining player. however, as a person, he is a creep on all accounts and a blight on humanity. he's the antithesis of dave grohl. although, my analysis of dave grohl is purely my opinion while my views on t.o. are pure and unequivocal fact.

speaking of pure and unequivocal fact, the is far and away much better than the the facebook has been gaining a lot of steam and momentumum lately and i've heard, on numerous occasions, people gushing about how superior the 'book is to the 'space. while most people are too into themselves to admit it, the main draw of both these sites is to keep up to date tabs on all friends, enemies, acquaintances, strangers, hook ups, etc. - whether it be their job status, the town they live in, their relationship status, current pics, salary, favorite movies, and so on. in short, stalking/natural curiosity - and aint nothing wrong with stalking on the internets. stalking on the internets = coveting your neighbor's wife. it's an empty gesture that's as healthy and harmless as punching someone in the dark. anyway, the feature on the 'book that prohibits this from happening are the stupid networks. i can't even stalk people from my hometown unless i'm their friend or am in their network. sure, i could request their friendship but there are plenty of people out there who i don't want to give the satisfaction of even acknowledging they're alive. anybody that denies this simple premise of stalking/curiosity is a downright liar, unhealthy or a flat out lunatic and should be removed from the internet society.

ba dum BLOG!!!

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