Monday, February 25, 2008

pit of blog

have you seen these "i am sparta" previews. only stupid people see these movies, right? i swear, if it wasn't for all these "not another scary movies," "epic movies," etc. i think carmen electra would be homeless and selling her boobs on the e-bay. i saw the first "scary movie" and it was funny but that's because they had like 100 years worth of movies to make fun of. now, they crank like five of these things out a year based on a month worth of movies. maybe i'm old but i need a movie with a story to keep my attention. i can't sit though lame joke after lame joke strung together and punctuated by carmen electra and jenny mccarthy making out in a pit of jell-o.

i was thinking about it and i don't think i'd want to ever sleep unless i had nothing to do. even now, i get tired but i also get bored and i think the biggest reason for my sleeping is because i've run out of things to do for the day. when i was young i refused to sleep because i was always worried i was missing something so my mom bought me this "fraggle rock" book about wembley not wanting to sleep either. i was a weird kid; i remember i also went through this phase where i wouldn't eat and my poopoo eventually turned white.
editor's note: the above picture reflects the EXACT book said blogger was blogging about. unfortunately, he did not have access to pics of his white poopoo.

i feel bad about this whole heath ledger thing but the thing that resonates with me most is that i wish i had the balls to do hard drugs. drugs seem like a lot of fun but i'm just too scurred to do them. i know if i did cocaine my heart would probably explode because i'm too high-strung and nervous as it is. or, if i did mushrooms or acid, i'll probably do something really weird and kinky because my mind is so perverse and deranged. if i had no parents i'd probably do hard drugs but i'd just feel so bad if i died from drugs and they had to explain to everyone that their son was a drug addict and have everyone think they failed as parents .

apparently the stock market is crashing and i'm losing money in my 401k. i have a 401k but have no clue how much money is in it or how it even works. i don't even get the stock market. i think it's just gambling for rich white, educated people who don't like sports. i swear, there's probably just some carzy jew in the back room pulling a lever and that's all there is to the almighty stock market.

ba dum blog!!!

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