Sunday, February 24, 2008

blogging with scissors

you ever think that anne frank was just a pen name because she feared that her diary would never be published under her real name because of the intense, anti-semetic sentiment at the time? it'd make sense because "frank" is a french thing, right? we all know that jewish names either have a "gold," "silver," "stein," "man," "berg," "owicz," etc. and frank isn't any of those. or, maybe her name was "frankenstein" and she didn't want to confuse people (for obvious reasons) because she knew hollwood would ultimately turn her story into this bizarre holocaust/monster movie.

i wonder if there is a record somewhere of how many times, in the history of life, that a kid was running with scissors, trips, falls and kabobs his eyeball. for some reason, i don't think it's ever happened. you'd think it's had to have because there are so many warnings about it but i always felt it was one of those empty threats like your face staying that way when you make silly faces.

you know how when you're out at a public place and you see some weirdo and you kinda nudge your friend and say "check out that weirdo." i wonder if anyone has ever said that about me. i figure the odds are that it's happened but i wonder what it would be like to be that person everyday of your life. you know who i'm talking about; they might be dressed funny, speak a foreign language really loud, people that are running in street clothes, minorities/smell weird, people with deformities, etc. i know that sounds awful and i'm not proud but we've all done it.

i'm tired of being looked at like the dreg of society when i casually mention a teenage girl is hottt. guys my age were marrying teenagers just barely 100 years ago. it's not like biology and hormones have changed since then - it's a fact of science. i understand that society has changed and i'm not gonna go touching them inappropriately (or appropriately) or try to date them or anything. i guess what i'm trying to say is that i should be allowed to say hannah montana and that nancy drew chick are hottt and not have people pretend like they're appalled.

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