Thursday, September 18, 2008

state of the ba dum BLOG!!!

hi and hello ba dum BLOGateers! it's time for the first ever "state of the ba dum BLOG!!!" we have been up and running for about six months now and i think i've turned in maybe a "c+" to a "b-" effort. we started out okay and furiously peaked in june and july where we averaged two to three blogs a week! however, i have been in a massive slump and blog malaise for the past month or so and am crestfallen to no ends with my dearth of blog production, blog quality, blog frequency and overall blogging. why did this occur? i'm not sure but we're working on rectifying this tragic turn of events. ba dum BLOG!!! shall rise again - like a phoenix from the ashes!!!

starting monday, september 22 you will begin seeing a massive spike in blog production - a blog tumescence, or renaissance, if you will. to become a real life blogger it will take more than a sanding of gepetto's wood and a wave from the blue fairy's wand, it must come from within - we will plumb the depths of our creative well and we will plumb it hard, deep and often. yes, as a ba dum BLOG!!! premium member (thank you, bill o'reilly) you will receive original content at least, yes AT LEAST once a day. no more of this one to three blogs a week... nay, AT LEAST one a day! we're not sure yet how and if content will differ but ba dum BLOGateers will now be getting blogs every day and, perhaps even, multiple times a day.

also, i'll let you in on a little bit of inside blogging and reveal that ba dum BLOG!!! is averaging about twenty views a day. quite frankly (thank you, stephen a. smith), this is pathetic. our goal here at ba dum BLOG!!! is, during the course of the AT LEAST one blog a day run, to eventually average close to one hundred views a day, everyday in three months' time. ambitious? yes. impossible? yes. laughable? yes. but without goals, we have soccer and NOBODY likes soccer. which means that, in three months time, ba dum BLOG!!! will be the second most hated/lamest thing in amerca next to soccer. and, once/if we meet our goal, we will also start producing official ba dum BLOG!!! chatskie in the form of t-shirts, coffee mugs, temporary tattoos, lanyards, beer couseys, keychains and golf pencils - which would be just in time for late kwaaaanzzzaaa gifts!

then again, perhaps i'll blog a blog on monday, not blog on tuesday and none of this will ever come to fruition rendering me a complete and utter failure who bit off more than he could blog... until then, arrivederci!

ba dum BLOG!!!


Colin said...

Yeah, I give you a week before you get distracted by something shiny.

John said...

I believe in ba dum BLOG!

Ethan said...

So you quit your job at FOX?

Blog Queen said...

you work at FOX?

ba dum BLOGger said...

ruh roh, my cover has been blown!!!