Tuesday, July 1, 2008

blog dizzle: hardcore sports

okay, i'm going hardcore sports on you. and, as is hardcore sports' wont, this blog will be irrelevant within twenty three minutes of its blogging as new, contradictory information will soon hit the high speed internets via various media outlets. so, the charlatan baron "BOOM dizzle" davis has opted out of the last year of his contract with the golden state warriors (after saying numerous times that he had no intention of doing so), leaving $17.8 million on the table. meanwhile, incidentally, and coincidentally fishy enough to the point that dumb people will mistakenly refer to it as "ironic," elton brand of the los angeles clippers has also opted out of the last year of his contract leaving a substantial amount of money on the table, albeit a different table, as well.

i call shenanigans, chicanery, conspiracy and cahoots! now, the nba salary cap is a silly and complicated creature that people who confuse coincidence with irony won't understand so please, just take my word on what i'm about to say. the only way the los angeles clippers would be able to sign a guy like baron davis (w/out the messiness of a sign and trade), is if elton brand opts out (which he did and immediately said that he fully expects to be back with the clips); thus clearing enough money for them to sign both - baron and brand. however, as is with my previous allusion to collusion, both baron and brand will have to and are fully willing to take less than the money that was left on their respective tables to make this happen. because, this is what the players, agents and clippers have agreed upon through cunning and subterfuge. plus, baron, a native angelino who spent his college days at ucla has always wanted to return to la where he, with brand, have visions of creating a celtics-esque super team.

so, where does this leave my golden state warriors??? wellll, seconds after baron opted out of his contract, they immediately offered former warrior, current wizard and current blogger, the mercurial and quirky gil arenas (who also opted out of his contract), a max deal for up to six years and over 100 million - like a dirt farmer dangles a carrot in front of a mule!!! however, the wizards have also offered gil a similar contract that is a little less orange, long and hard than the warriors proverbial carrot. what's gonna' happen??? will gil return to his warrior roots or will they be left high and dry, offering some euro scrub like beno udrih a horrible contract to run the point? oh boy, i sure hope my warriors sign gil because us beeboppin’ bloggin’ balla’s gots to stick together, yo.

ba dum BLOG!!!

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