Tuesday, October 7, 2008

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viagra looks to be an excellent and viable drug which has provided many happy returns. however, it seems to me that their advertisements are only targeting one, specific kind of dude. yes, whether they’re in their 40s or 60s, these flaccid fellas are all shown to be participating in varying dalliances with women which range anywhere between dancing, a romantic dinner or a spirited game of battleship. the key phrase here is “with women”... and, no, i’m not suggesting viagra commercials featuring homosexuals - that’s perverse, YUCK! i’m proposing that viagra throws a proverbial bone to all the "solitaire" (badumblog.blogspot.com/2008/03/jelly-blog.html) players of the world. so, if you’re low on blood flow and one for cascading cards of alternating colours and descending numerical order then why would you also want to be reminded that you’re single, can’t get a date and are very, very alone??? i’m sure a very significant amount of "limp larrys" are lonely as opposed to playing the field or happily married. and, if i know anything about the psychology of advertising (which i don't), when a specific group of people aren’t being represented or catered to they’ll be less likely to get that warm and fuzzy feeling inside that compels said group to purchase said product. i’m not saying you make an explicitly lewd and graphic commercial but one that’s tastefully done all while making it very clear to the audience you’re trying to reach that you're there, and here, for them. for example; you could show a guy on his computer, perhaps playing the internet video game of “world of warcraft,” another dude playing hacky sack or a fella’ getting a calf cramp massaged out. if the viagra people made a commercial with a montage of those images spliced with the knee slappin,' foot stompin' tunes of the “viva viagra boys” then you’d see a substantial *ahem* rise in sales.

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editor's note: viagra humour = fresh, timely and lolz... NOT!!!

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John said...

I personally use "Dr. Porkenheimer's Boner Juice".