Thursday, October 2, 2008

the top 9 things i noticed from the debate (and you didn't) vol. 2, part 1

i originally planned on blogging this blog immediately after the debate, while it was all fresh and so clean clean in my mind, but i had a friend who i haven't seen in like two years who was down to go out on an overnight drunk. and, didn't the beetles say "life is what happens to you, while you're busy making other plans?" but, then again, they also said "i am the walrus" so i don't know what to believe (thank you, tim canterbury). anyway, while a blog is surely worth blogging, a life is also worth living so i lived in lieu of blogging and now i'm hungover in my cubicle where i'm now blogging and not living. yes, the intersection of life and blogging.

1. sarah palin and john mccain are still "mavericks:" i actually kept a tally over how many times sarah palin evoked the moniker of "maverick" in regards to either her or john boy. and, it came out to a total of six. now, if vegas created a line in allusion to such, and if i would've put money on it, i would've picked the over and lost. good for sexy sarah! i figured she would've dropped the "maverick" bomb no more than thirty three times but she showed some self-control and resisted such activity. on the other hand, joe biden dropped the "maverick" bomb a total of eight times. however, this all came at the end of the debate when joey b. went on his "mccain is not a maverick" rant. and, in case you were wondering, the dictionary defines a maverick as "one that refuses to abide by the dictates of or resists adherence to a group; a dissenter." neat. kinda' like how dallas maverick, josh howard, refused to participate in the national anthem because he's "black"... and a maverick. neater.

2. sexy palin is a soccer mom: what the heck was that? all of a sudden sexy sarah is a "soccer mom" and not a "hockey mom?" really, can you be both? can you even play soccer on the frozen tundra? she totally punk'd out hockey mom's and got all up on soccer moms. personally, i think both sports are lame and she really isn't doing herself any favors by bouncing betwixt the two. is she trying to appeal to mexicans with the whole soccer thing or was she merely just trying to give us a break from hockey? either way, according to sarah, what these mom's were representing was "fear." fear for the economy and the inability to send their "soccer kids" to college and such. poor soccer people :(

3. sarah doesn't answer questions: really, after sexy sarah was called out for not answering questions she replied "i may not answer the questions the way you and the moderator want to hear but i'm going to talk straight to the american people." whaaaaaat??? that'd be all fine and dandy if she was giving a speech at a convention but she just came off as as filibusterin' filibusterer. which is fine, i guess, but it just seemed like she had a chambered soliloquy regardless of what the question was. she had well formulated and prepared thoughts but they rarely answered any of the questions she was asked. gwen would ask her about education and palin would drop a few lines about schools but then say "however gwen, what i really want to talk about is the ozone layer." again, she couldn't tell you what time it was but she could tell you when it's time for chili.

4. smiling smilers like to smile: wow, it was almost as if they were having a "smile off." sarah palin was smiling the whole debate, which was super hot, but joey b. countered with an even toothier, smilier grin. and, low and behold, joey b. actually had a nicer smile. that had to be the upset of the night! for how hot sexy sarah is, who would've thunk it that joey b. would out smile her? really, how nice were his teeth? did he just get some new veneers or is he a flossin' and a brushin' like six times a day? either way, his teeth were the shining star of the night.

5. joey b. mocks joey d.: so, joey b. put on his anderson cooper 360 flak jacket and hit up the local fill-up station for some man on the street, hard hitting journalistic action. There, he asked yokel, joey danco, how much it cost to fill his tank and poor joey d. said he didn't know because he can never afford to. wa wa waaaaaaaaaa :( and.....? and.........? what next, what happened??? did joey b. offer to fill up his tank, did joey d. give him a bracelet or did joey b. merely just stop his tape recorder and say "thanks for the quote, gotta' run and get ready for this debate...PEACE!!!"??? this just seemed like a terrifically awkward exchange amongst the haves and the havenots and i really wish i could have been there as opposed to havenot being there.

ba dum BLOG!!!

editor’s note: 6-9, part 2 to come later.

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excellent analysis. I'm proud of you...!!