Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ba dum POD!!! episode 3

the thing with podding is that once you say it, you say it and, with that blogged, you only have a second to say it... you don't have a whole lot of time to find the right word. see, with blogging, i can blog it, read her over, reblog it, pull up, do a little wikipida'ing or even chose to ultimately delete what i've blogged in lieu of publishing it. podding doesn't afford you that luxury and producer dave can only do so much to clean up the dead air and/or crappy content in post. self-conscious ruminations aside, my fill-in guest this week was young jarrod and we covered such illuminating subjects as race in america, me beating young jarrod in a foot race, gay marriage, handshakes and porno movies.

ba dum BLOG!!!


Colin said...

I wish the ba dum pod was a live call in show. I always get sad when I can't join in the conversation. :(

Anyway I'd like to hear your thoughts on the leagalization/de-criminalization of marijuana and how as a cash crop it could help California dig itself out of the economic nightmare it currently finds itself in.

Wow, I think I just wrote a Political Science final exam question.

lee said...

tell Producer Dave that I really appreciate his consistent naming convention with the podcast filenames. your attention to detail is not going unnoticed, Dave.

lee said...

also, killer 'cast!

do you know if conan is bringing andy? either way, i can't wait to hear the next one. they just keep gettin' better!

ba dum BLOGger said...

dear colin,
i wish it were a call in show too but we're not there yet. i doubly wish i could have you as a guest. and, expect a pod out and my thoughts on marijuana next pod.

dear lee,
i'll pass on the compliment or dig to producer dave as i can't decipher your geek speak nor can i sense if you're being sarcastic or genuine. and, no andy... we only ahve two mics.

Colin said...

I need to find an excuse to come down to LA.