Monday, June 29, 2009

ba dum POD!!! episode 6: my weekend in davis

this was my best pod EVER! and, i'm not just blogging that either. i was super prepared, i had four pages of notes, a topical subject like michael jackson, a somewhat linear story about my trip to uc davis where i partied with college kids and enough off-topic stream of consciousing to make you go plaid. my first repeat fill-in guest, lee mcdole, was great and producer dave is the model of consistency and excellence - he deserves a medal, really. speaking of medals, isn't it funny how "medal" and "metal" should and could be the same word since medals are metal. no wonder all the illegal aliens can't learn english - it's confusing! so, if podding poetic about spectrums of molestation, my hatred of pets, yogurt and road rage sound like a fun way to spend an hour or so of your time then ba dum POD!!!, a podcast, just might be for you.

ba dum BLOG!!!


Little Oregon Bug said...

Tell Lee to speak up next time. Otherwise, loved the podcast, great entertainment.
You should probably market that show, I'm 15 and I don't like condoms. I bet MTV would pick it up.

lee said...

in my defense, it's producer dave's job to tell me to speak up during the pod.