Monday, June 8, 2009

ba dum POD!!! episode 4

what more can be blogged... really? these little blog-ups are starting to feel a bit redundant because the pod really speaks for itself, literally. it was a good podcast... conan o'brien bailed on me at the very last second so our fill-in guest this week was my best good gal pal, janai. we chatted up all the essentials; abortion, marijuana, all the girls i've concussed and, of course, napoleon bonaparte. so, if this description seems a little general (GET IT?!?!?!?) don't just take my blog for it, listen to the pod... for realzzz. oh, and if you have any questions you want answered in pod or want to be a possible fill-in guest, let me know and i can either ignore you or use you and your ideas. NEAT!

ba dum BLOG!!!


lee said...

you should really start doing 2 of these per week.

Shay said...

Soo i think with your brief chatter on Juice that you should TOTALLy have him on the "air" when we come down in July!! You could even renew our vows if you were up to it!

Colin said...

This ba dum pod was pure bliss. I may have to steal your "lot of mirth and lot of girth" description of me. And just so Janai knows, there IS a town called Corolla in North Carolina. It's on the coast in the Outer Banks. I visit there every summer.

ba dum BLOGger said...

dear lee,
once i become more interesting, funnier and more artickilate 2 a week may be an option.

dear shay,
we both know juice would never appear on ba dum POD!!! :0( however, i'd love to have you in his place.

dear colin,
with you, my friend, there is no dearth of mirth and/or girth.

Joe said...

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