Friday, August 29, 2008

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even though i poopooed the conventions with all it's rah rah, back pattin' hooey and applesauce, i must admit that i'm digging all the politickin.' really though, i just love watching grown adults argue; they really are quite silly. conservatives and liberals, whether it be the actual politicians themselves or all the talking heads on the twenty four hour news networks, really do believe the other side is dumb, evil and/or sodomizing goats. that's why i'll never, EVER claim a political party because too many people treat their party with the same irrational love and loyalty as sports fans treat their favorite teams and players on those teams. they get so wrapped up in rooting and following their party that no matter how dumb dubya is or how sleazy bubba clinton is that they'll inevitably put on their blinders and follow them off the cliff like lemmings because people are so locked into their stupid parties that admitting any of their shortcomings automatically amounts to them also being wrong, dumb, evil and/or a goat sodomizer. in short; followers of politics are more interested in being right and winning rather than learning, evolving and doing what's best for everyone.

so, what did everyone think of o'bama's speech? it was okay, a little too pollyanna, pie in the sky for me but whateva'; i think that's just the nature of convention speeches. i'm not a fan of all the bleeding heart, liberal ballyhoo with over taxing the rich to save all the screw-ups... excuse me, "less fortunate." it's nice, but i don't believe it's the government's job to force charity under the guise of "redistribution of wealth." sure, certain political figures, like o'bama, may be able to inspire charity and goodwill towards your brother and/or brotha' through their own example and man o' the peopleness (which i think o'bama actually has the potential to do) but forcing people to do it through the letter of the law is not the answer. sure, there is and should be government funded programs to help people out but not to the extent that o'bama pines for. people should do it and want to do it on their own accord. if you want to tax anyone, tax the churches and their surpluses of wealth and let them write off their charitable exercises like any other organization.

but, back to o'bama: the part of his speech i really did like was when he did go toe to toe with mccain and contended that the liberal weenies love america and are just as patriotic as the conservative fuddy duddies are. i wish the democrats would do that more; the republicans have no more of a monopoly on "patriotism" as they do on "family values." for some reason, the democrats shy away from challenging these myths (hence the "weenie" tag). you can argue over the methods of patriotism and militaristic philosophies till you're blue in the face but their is NONE, ZERO excuse for the way republicans turn to an archaic book of fairytales and a magician in the sky to rationalize their treatment of f' words and their attempts at forming their own families. as far as i'm concerned, the republicans can't say shizz about "family values" until they, not only tolerate, but CELEBRATE the homos' rights to marry, breed, adopt, sperminate, peetree dish or however the heck they procreate and make babies. i'll often hear the religious right try to rationalize their homophobia and cite economics as a reason to keep the gays from gettin' their family on but slavery was also good for the economy so, like always, i'd say common human decency should trump all speak of money and economics.

i digressed again!!! my favorite thing about o'bama from last night, aside from his looks (holy mackerel he's good looking - just a striking individual!) was his little video they played before his speech. sure, all politicians try to make themselves the man o' the people but o'bama legitimately is! let's see: he looks black, raised by whites, spent time in indonesia, has the name of a muslim, has an african father and has actual ties to almost every region of the usofa - hawaii, kansas, chicago and new york!!! plus, he got his law degree and eschewed the life of a jerk lawyer for one of public service where he actually served people directly; not from washington or the governor's mansion. that's the funny thing, on all the news shows the conservative talking heads question his experience and what qualifications he has to be president. well, how about the fact that the part of him being "inexperienced" governmentally and politically is his best attribute! he hasn't been around long enough to owe all these political favours to special interest groups or corporate phat cats. plus, he's spent more time with his actual employers (me, you and her in the corner with the big boobies) than most politicians. sure, others may have more experience in dealing with senators, governors, congressman and what not but those are his co-workers, the people he's working with not for. he has oodles more experience with us than anybody in recent memory who has gotten as far as o'bama has politically. and, like o'bama said in his speech, it's about us. not him, not his fellow politicians... us (me, you and her in the corner with the big boobies).

with all that said; mcain and palin in '08!!! sarah palin is a STONE COLD FOX!!! oooh, la and la...

ba dum BLOG!!!

editor's note: not even i could edit that disjointed, contradictory, muddled and hypocritical excuse for a blog. there's nothing like an intellectual and political lightweight, who refuses to pick a side nor has ever voted, telling you what to do. those who stand for nothing fall for anything... then again, why stand when you can sit???

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great post! I too am having lots of fun politicking!