Thursday, August 14, 2008

blog and jerk

more on the olympics: i just don't understand how you have all these women, who wouldn't even watch the super bowl much less an august baseball game, are now glued to their sets every night watching the likes of volleyball, badminton and swimming. SWIMMING?!?!?! even my mom, who never once gave five minutes to the thousands (yes, literally thousands) of baseball, basketball and football games on in our house, and now she's carving out time to watch swimming??? SWIMMING!?!?!? look, i understand this phelps phella is phantastic and swimming truly is an amazing athletic endeavor (unlike lance and his bike) but has anyone ever watched a second of swimming prior to this? another thing about this phelps phella' is that he's breaking all of mark spitz's records without a hair on his body while spitz had a moustache and a unibrow. can you imagine what spitz's records would've been sans 'stache??? there is no facial accoutrement less aqua-dynamic than the moustache. anyway, i also saw this poll on sportscenter last night where you had to decide on which event you'd rather watch or attend betwixt michael phelps swimming and usa basketball v. greece. swimming only won by a 55:45 clip (still too much). but, when they broke it down by state, only three chose basketball. SWIMMING?!?!?! is this as vexing to anyone else? don't even get me started on how chagrined i am when i google "snatch" and/or "clean and jerk" and all i get is some hungarian with a blown out elbow.

ba dum BLOG!!!


john said...

It's affecting the femininas in my household as well.

It seems like the olympics is a collection of sporting events that were invented by bored 10 year olds.

What should we do today?

Wanna ride bikes?

Wanna go swimming?

Wanna throw rocks?


Blog Queen said...

never gave much thought to the unibrow and 'stache holding spitz're funny! I think it's the competitive spirit that draws ppl to Olympic competitions moreso than watching rich athletes run up and down the field, court or run around the baseball diamond...However, I'm a Monday Night Football girl...through and through!