Monday, April 21, 2008

sheer bloggies

this is unbelievable. this requires a super special bonus post. hermione has been 18 all of of six days and the paparazzi has already snaked a pic of her vagina (albeit kinda' sorta' behind a pair of sheer panties). wtf??? have they been figuratively sitting on these pics for a few months just waiting to unleash this event or did this just so happen to occur on the same weekend as her aforementioned birthday. i don't even know what to blog... should i even be blogging about this? am i a creep to no ends or am i just merely a blogger who blogs on things that one would find interesting? is this interesting? will i lose my one female reader over this? but really, all i'm really blogging on is the fact that something like this has happened. i'm not so much interested in hermione's vagina, per se, as i am in the fact that she is 18 and six days old and she is already OUT there! i mean, i'm not posting the pics or linking to them or anything. really, it's like there is an internet god who made this happen by virtue of all the skeezy muggles out there who willed it so like in that book "the secret." see, that's what interests me about this whole thing. alas, my blogging finger is tired from rationalizing. if anything, this will serve as an excellent test case on blogging more current/relevant events in hopes that my blog will be found through googling. ahem...if you'll so indulge me; "hermione," "emma watson," "18," "paparazzi" "panties," "vagina," "cooter," "grint," "snapper," "harry," "harry potter," etc.

ba dum BLOG!!!

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Colin said...

They have to be new pics. If they are from before she was 18 (you know like a week ago) they are illegal. However, now it is completely legal to stare openmouthed at her vajayjay. I think it's some sort of initiation right in Hollywood now.
Step 1: Turn 18
Step 2: Show off the goods
Step 3: Profit