Monday, April 14, 2008


i was at the bank a few days ago and it is completely beyond me why there are always so many people there. i understand the people at the desks talking about loans and such but what is going on with the lines for the tellers? the only reason i ever go to tellers is to get quarters so i can do my laundry. also, there was this one time i had to get a cashiers check or money order for some reason which i still don't understand - it had to do with rent and i don't get what cashiers checks/money orders are for; why couldn't i just pay with one of my winnie the pooh checks from my pleather check book? also, what's with balancing your check book? i've never done this, what's the big deal? anyway, everything you'd ever need to do at the bank you can do at the machine, right? you can deposit, get germs, withdrawal, get your account summary and make funny faces in the round mirror that i think is a camera. what are people waiting in line for??? am i financially retarded, responsible or irrelevant??? no one will answer this question.

am i wrong to immediately tune people out once they drop the respect/disrespect line? i really think it's just ign'ant people flying their dumb flag - these words just scream meat head. sure, respect and disrespect (was disrespect even a word ten years ago?) exist but not in the context in which they're most commonly spewed. i guess this started with gangster movies like "the godfather" where you have these glorified, high school drop-out mongoloids saying things like "it's all about respect...." first, the hip-hop crowd glommed onto it and now it's in full effect in the white trash community (notice how the blacks are a crowd and the whites are a community...subtle racism?). have you noticed this??? invariably, every hip hop trend becomes usurped by the white trashers like three years later. that's the ironic thing too because they're all a bunch of racists but the next thing you know they're wearing fubu, listening to lil' wayne and putting a t-square to their hairlines. anyway, i guarantee respect/disrespect are the most commonly used words on shows such as "jerry springer" or any reality show on "fox reality." basically, these are the go to words for anybody who engages in public screaming matches and these people are dumb, thank you.

these celebrity sex tapes never cease to amaze me. we really are living in a golden age of life where we went from getting excited over marilyn monroe's skirt flying up to knowing paris hilton's birth canal like the back of our hand. speaking of which, marilyin monroe has a sex tape?!?!?!? holy mackerel, she's been dead for like 50 years and now a sex tape is surfacing? now, i realize that the jury is still out on whether it's actually her or not (i'd give it a 25% chance that it's actually her) but still... a posthumously released sex tape!!! sex tapes aside, with the internets i can't think of five celebrities i haven't seen in various states of undress whether it be from a movie, photo shoot, paparazzi pics, etc. if this isn't evidence for why the internets is the best invention since the second, third and fourth wheel then i don't know what is. al gore in '08!!!

bill o'reilly was right; we are on the verge of a "culture war!" barrack o'bama hinted at it when he alluded to all the small town folks "clinging to their religion..." see, barrack isn't religious. none of these politicians are - they're too smart for it. okay, maybe dubya isn't but he's baseball, apple pie and chevrolet! anyway, we have two celebrity documentaries dropping in the next few months that will get things started. first you have ben stein's "expelled: no intelligence allowed" where he denounces darwanism and espouses the virtues of god and creative design. then you gots bill maher with the insanely, brilliantly titled "religulous" which exposes the hilarity that is god-believin.' now, i may be wrong, but i really feel like this will be the summer where we finally get some genuine discourse going and the stigma of being an agnostic, atheist, apatheist, etc. will finally be lifted. just like how "an inconvenient truth" got the ball rolling in regards to caring for the environment "religulous" will do the same for secularism. you watch; we are entering a hippy like anti-religion movement and i think it's groooovy!!!

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Kyra Vision Blog said...

Would you believe I worked at a bank for 4 years--never once used their services and am still boggled by the folks who did--They were mostly old folks set in their ways

Christy said...

I like how your blog is pink.