Friday, April 11, 2008


it's a common thing for people to rail against "rubbernecking" - you know, perpetuating traffic congestion whilst slowing down to see whatever it is going on on the side of the road that has caused such pileup. i categorize the rubbernecking gripe with the other great hipocricies/falsities of our time such as "having no regrets," "not liking drama," "believing everything happens for a reason" and "believing in god." everyone regrets, everyone likes drama, nothing happens for a reason, nobody really believes in god and everyone rubbernecks. face it, we're a culture of lookie loos. why wouldn't you look??? you've moved two miles in the past hour and don't you feel it's your god-given right (irony - lolzzz) to sneak a peek? it's like sitting through a bad movie; i knew the hot, shikse chick would have the baby and get back with the fat, ugly jew in "knocked up" but i stayed the course and watched this terrifically unfunny and predictable moving picture through its merciful end. in fact, i'll go as far to say that if you don't rubberneck that you are probably clinically insane and your drivers license should be revoked, irrevocably.

what in the name of holy vishnu is going on in india? first you have the octopus girl with the eight legs, then you have the two-faced baby with the two faces and now there's the one foot tall girl who is, incidentally, one foot tall. are these just whimsical coincidences or an indicator of horrible prenatal care? yet, everyone's culture is "rich and diverse," "we can't judge" and "god has a plan for everyone!" maybe these are the inane bloggings of an ignorant xenophobe but i just feel we should be more judgemental of lame cultures that produce freaks of nature who will never live a normal life. look, american culture has some rotten aspects to it too; we have the paparazzi (a blight we share with the uk), will ferrell movies, the bible belt and pogs. i don't know, maybe i'm wrong and these indian birth defects aren't because of medical incompetence and are, in fact, just plain, good old fashioned, whimsy. i guess i'd believe in eight armed elephants, the caste sytem and reincarnation if my god(s?) were hanging these deformities over my head too. however, i must say that i looove the karma and i have the indians to thank for that.

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