Wednesday, March 26, 2008

proud to be a blogger

i try not to blog about my personal life too much because i feel it's the lazy bloggers way to blog - any stooge can blog "today i ate a ham sammich and i fear the gout may be rendering me a cripple..." see, personal stories are a crutch and often boring. anyway, i had to take my car into the shop this week because i had a warning light on and noticed i had a leak of some sort - the particulars are moot. so, since i went to college, i know nothing about cars and run the risk of getting screwed anytime i have car issues. anywho, yada yada yada, i'm about two grand in the hole. but that's not the rub...i scoff at two g's, yo. the thing that irks me to the high heavens is all the smug jerks who ask "well, did you get a second opinion?" the underlying condescension of this question is waaaaay worse than the two thousand. really, what am i supposed to do? traipse my overheating car, by wheel or by tow, all over la going from shady mechanic to shady mechanic hoping he can shave a couple hundred off the deal? could it happen? perhaps, but my time is too valuable for that. i guess i could call up mechanics and explain the litany of my car's maladies and get an estimate but they'll invariably say "well, it's impossible to really tell without taking a look at it" and i'm all ready in the hole with all the labor my current mechanic went through in diagnosing my issue so why would i leave this guy and go to another? plus, i actually liked my guy; he looked me in the eyes, he spoke english, he thoroughly explained everything, he spoke english...

anybody who knows me has heard me rant on this issue before and i may have already blogged on this but i can't find anything in my archives. so, how do you feel about the cross walk beepies that are supposed to help the blind find their way? i HATE them and i HATE the blind - "i can't see," boo hoo, wa waaa (and, i will continue to make fun of the blind until 2012, when will be available in brail, thank you). seriously though, we should not be encouraging blind independence. the sightless should be completely dependant. do we really want the blind galavantin' around city streets, crossing busy intersections based solely upon well placed and heard beepies? hellzzz to the no!!! imagine it was your blind mother - would you allow her to go out alone, armed only with an oversized candy cane and cross walk beepies? these people are handicapped - as in, their handiness has a cap placed upon it. so please, keep the invalids in-valid and the handicaps handiness-capped. also, how do the blind even find the brail? i see it everywhere but it's tiny - i think brail should be scented.

i know i've blogged on this before but i'm still at a complete loss over why anyone would choose the facebook over myspace. now, i have both because i'm a sick individual who is addicted to the internets because my self-esteem is too low and my anxiety too high to engage in normal social activity without my 'puter. anyway, anytime someone tries to communicate with me on the 'book i'm forced to download some contraption where i have to send notices to like 10 friends before i can even read whatever it is my internet crush's are trying to send me. it's lame! and pleaaaase, get rid of the networks!!! i don't get the people who want their social networking sites and their privacy at the same time. same with the 'space, get rid of the private profiles. maybe i want to browse 14-year-olds profiles without adding them as a friend. nay, screw the "maybe" - i DO want to browse 14-year-olds profiles!

i heard that song, "proud to be an american" on "american idol" this week and it reminded me how horrible that song is and how NOT proud i am to be an american. i like america okay but i just feel our pride is misplaced and unfounded. heck, we were just born here. we could've just as easily been born with aids in africa, wooden shoes in holland or yellow fever in panama. us being american is completely random. plus, what do any of us have to do with america. i blog, watch tv and play solitaire - that' s it. i do NOTHING for america. plus, i'll scroll through the blogs on here all the time and half are in another language so i know you don't need to be an american to blog so what's the big deal? perhaps the phrase should be "lucky to be an american" or "fortunate to be an american." i know this is awful to say but whenever i hear anyone say "i'm proud to be an american" or have any sort of bumper sticker or t-shirt with an american flag emblazoned on it i feel they're kinda' dense - unless you're a politician, of course, and need to pander to said dense people so they vote for you...
editor's note: blogger's car problems are his own fault because he, and an other, ran said vehicle into the ground the weekend before - la to vegas, vegas to barstow, barstow to vegas, vegas to la/la to vegas (in one day) and vegas to la; totaling about 1,500 miles in three days.

ba dum BLOG!!!

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