Tuesday, March 18, 2008

blog out LOUD!!!

so, in case you're scoring at home, my vegas prediction was eerily accurate. however, instead of going back to my hotel room at the end of the night, i drove to barstow. you should also note that i never once made it to the cashier (i.e. the "cage" - inside joke - lolzzz out LOUD), am down about a paycheck and didn't have a solid bm all weekend. was my prediction a self-fulfilling prophecy? perhaps...but i did make a few new bff's and became a "fanatastic twin" and you can't put a price tag on that!

wow, how awesomely fantastic is o'bama's preacher??? if he was in my town, i'd actually go to church. besides, everything he says has more actual validity and is waaaay less offensive than any other crazy jesus, voodoo-magic rhetoric that's usually bandied about at church. and, why is barrack taking the fall for this? we all have crazy friends who say wacky things and embarrass us...why should he be any different? the only thing i take exception to is how he said hillary has never been called the "n'word." c'mon, are we to actually believe that hillary clinton has never been called the "n'word???" one more thing, have you seen this guy? i think hillary may even actually be a shade darker than this cat. n'word puhLEASE!!!

i actually stumbled across this little nugget of genius in a crowded elevator the other day and thoroughly embarassed my "california bff." (yes, i am a "bff" whore and, for the record, i have a "california bff," an "ebff" and now a "las vegas bff.") anyway, nomenclaturally speaking, how unique of a couple is keith urban and nicole kidman. first, you have keith urban, who is a country singer, which begs the question: shouldn't his name be "rural" or "bucolic?" and, parenthetically speaking, "rural" has gotta' be like the hardest word to pronounce - i think it's the two "r's" that close to each other in a two syllable word that present the problem. and then you have nicole kidman which is like an oxymoron, right - kid-man??? so, together, keith urban and nicole kidman make up the most ironically, oxymoronic, most awesomely fantastic couple, EVER! or, am i reading too much into this?

a word of warning to all to all of you office/cubicle types who work in very close proximity and often use email to communicate. i've had it up to here with all the phantom "lol-ing." emails are often shot around the office where an "lol" (LAUGH OUT LOUD) will be dropped but nary a giggle, chuckle and/or guffaw can be heard. i will lead the charge but i beg all of you office types to expose these charlatans as the phantom lol'ers they are because this is a gross example of computer based, acronymical abuse and, having a communication degree from an accredited california state university, i am doubly offended. oh, and don't get me started on rotflmao'ing.

ba dum BLOG!!!


Colin said...

Instead of LOL just use LQTM. That's Laughing Quietly To Myself. I wish I could take credit for it but I know I stoll it from someone else. I think it was Dimitri Martin.

kelly said...

Ick...I've been replaced....at least it's only in the state of Nevada....for now.