Friday, September 4, 2009

ba dum POD!!! episode 9

if you're in the mood for some self-loathing, neurotic ramblings then this is the pod for you. at the time, i thought this approach might be kinda funny and endearing but woody allen i am not and it might be a bit more whiny and annoying. no guest here or real direction (with just a 30 min. or so podtime); just producer dave chiming in every once in awhile. this was just sort of a chance to give a state of the pod and just reacquaint myself with the audience before getting fully reintegrated into the podding scene. i'm blogging this blog a few days after podding the pod and haven't heard it since so i don't have all that much insight. i think i may have kept on referring to the "periodontist" as the "pediatrist" in regards to my gum issues. yes, i know pediatrists do feet... just a brain fart or something. oh, and to update my oral woes, i have to undergo some relatively expensive gum surgery in a few weeks and then some more the next year when more of my insurance kicks in. this is quite the depressing and emabrassing development as i feel this reflects poorly on my hygeine and age... whatever.

ba dum BLOG!!!

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