Thursday, July 16, 2009

ba dum POD!!! episode 8

this is the pod where i harangue one of my best friends about the dumping he took from his girlfriend of six years/fiance of two years. what a heel, huh? i also misuse a few more words; for example, i said "provincial" when i meant "proprietary." which is funny because i often judge people by their misusage of words and here i am making a habit of screwing up words in every pod. then, as if that wasn't enough, i totally mangled a line from "seinfeld" which i qoute ALL the time - i said, in regards to ostrich burgers, "you eat more of it, but it's less filling" instead of "there's less fat, but you eat more of it." even more, listening back to the pod, i notice i have a lazy mouth or something where i garble words and give up enunciating about halfway through. maybe i need a speech coach or something. oh, i was also cellular text messaging during the pod which was completely unprofessional and, had a guest been cellular text messaging, i'd totally be all over them for it. yup, i'm a big fat hypocrite. ah, yes... if i may blog in an inverted version of an inverted pyramid which would be a rightside up pyramid, i'd be remiss if i didn't mention that bradford (previoulsy of "producer bradford" fame) was this weeks guest. neat, huh?

ba dum BLOG!!!

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Little Oregon Bug said...

"I didn't not like you. It just took awhile to get used to you." That should be the motto when one meets Patrick. :-)