Monday, September 7, 2009

and then, there's blog!

this is a new game i made up that's sweeping the nation (my peanuthead friends)! it's loosely based on "wheel of fortune's" before and after category... well, if you have half a brain, you'll get it. we're basically linking up tv shows; be it sitcoms, dramas, cartoons, miniseries, news, reality or what have you. maybe i'll do movies and song titles next. either way, it's a great way to pass time during car rides, church or first dates. oh, and i'm also only including three shows and up because we came up with about 37 bazillion two-show-ers. and, if you can come up with anymore three-and-uppers, feel free to leave a comment. neat, huh?

my mother the car 54 where are you can't do that on television

the facts of life goes on air with ryan seacrest

the fresh prince of bel airewolf blitzer reports

flavor of love american style by jury

my so called life with louie

north and south parker lewis can't lose

clarissa explains it all in the family guy

the scarecrow and mrs. king of the hill street blue's clues

mr. belevedere john and kate plus eight is enough

top catdog the bounty hunter

making the band of brothers and sister(s) sister

jake and the fatman vs. wild 'n out of the this world news now on pbs

bj and the bear in the big blue house mdl hughley breaks the news radio free roscoe

the get along gangland of the lost in space ghostbusters

er you afraid of the darkwing duck tale(s) spin city guys

and then, there's maude...

ba dum BLOG!!!

editor's note: a very special thanks to nick JUDD, dave, robyn, bradford, george, singletary, young greg and gibbs (i think).

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