Tuesday, May 11, 2010

ba dum POD!!! season 2: episode 1

malcolm gladwell's "outliers" taught us that the best of the best all got there by spending at least 10,000 hours doing that one thing they are now the best at. i don't need to be the best podcaster or even good but i'd like to at least be satisfactory, which i'm not. i've now podded twelve hours worth of pods and am still no better than i was during pod one. why can't i just be good from the get go? producer dave was a good producer from the get go (except for that one snafu during this week's pod). i bet i'd be a great guest... i really do. it's funny how that works because martin short was one of the best guests there ever was on the late night circuit but then they give him his own talk show thinking that woukd translate and he was terrible. however, richard dawson was a stand-out panelist on the "match game" so they gave him "the family feud" and he was gangbusters! so, i really don't know what i'm saying... just listen to the pod with friend of the pod, lee (last name witheld because we talk about naughty things).

ba dum BLOG!!!

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