Wednesday, May 19, 2010

ba dum POD!!! season 2: episode 2

wow, this pod was electric!!! we had a liquored up "don't call me young" jarrod as our guest, some in-depth basketball talk, the debut of america's new favourite pod segment: "ba dum POD!!! secrets" and i even got called a "racist"... NEAT!!! i'm actually blogging this blog-up before i've had a chance to re-listen to the pod so i don't really know if all this is true but you people don't read this crap anyway, right? this also might be our slickest podcast yet in terms of production with all the work producer dave did in post. at least i think so... again, i haven't listened yet. why don't you listen and tell me? alright, i just listened to the first 10 minutes and i already interrupted jarrod's drake jag.... what i think he was getting to was how drake doesn't even have an album but still has a sprite video. oh, and i was wrong about brandon and his dad on 90210... james eckhouse was 14-years-older than jason priestly as opposed to the "five or ten" year difference.

ba dum BLOG!!!

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