Sunday, April 18, 2010

blog watch

for the most part, i believe wristwatches have become a bit superfluous. we all have cell phones, right? and, i can't rightly think of one thing a wristwatch can do that a cell phone can't. conversely, look at the many things a cell phone can do that wristwatches can't even dream of doing. there's no need to litanize but, if you did, wristwatches come out a pretty silly and antiquated trinket by comparison. tangentially, this is especially noteworthy considering how bass-ackwards prescient chester gould was when he created dick tracy's two-way wrist radio. anyway, the only thing i can figure is that wristwatches provide douchebags a vehicle at which to promote their status, wealth and/or fashion. in fact, i'd venture to say that wristwatch wearers have a 73% higher chance at being a jerk than non wristwatch wearers. just watch (pun INTENDED), next time (even STILL, intended) you're out and about check out the dudes wearing timepieces and ask yourself if they look like they're more interested in punctuality or using every square inch of their being to cover themselves with look-at-me accoutrements. come to think of it, the whole cell phone enlightenment might really benefit the male bracelet market. hey fellas, why not trade in your rolex for a no-nonsense, diamond embossed bracelet? actually, when i occasionally patronize la-cool-dude-bars, i've noticed that the wristwatch and bracelet have sort of merged into this gaudy amalgamation of a watch face that is matter-of-factly connected to either a thick, leather strap (watch-belt) or necktie fabric (watch-tie). LOOK, it's almost as if the belt/tie is trying to swallow the watch face! neat, huh?

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B Cooper said...

I wear a watch because I bought it before I had a cell phone and don't like pulling something out of my pocket to check the time when I could just look at my wrist. And because I'm a jerk.