Wednesday, January 19, 2011

my top-10 l.a. celebrity sightings: part 2

without further ado, the thrilling conclusion...

in alphabetical and numerical order (can you believe no celebs farther along the alphabet than "l"??? weird.

6. zac efron (taller)/vanessa hudgens(shorter)
i believe this is my only "couple" sighting. for those of you who have been living under a rock, zack and vanessa are the stars of disney's "high school musical" series where their on-screen romance carried over to real life. however, as of the blogging of this blog, their relationship seems to be in a state of flux where their on-again/off-again canoodling has been a hot topic in the rags. anyway, i was in sherman oaks (of course!) walking along ventura blvd. when they just popped out of nowhere! my first inclination was to look for paparazzi (there wasn't any) because one of my dreams has always been to be in the background of a tabloid pic of a celebrity.
digression: can you believe out of all these celebrities i've encountered i've only seen the paparazzi once! and, that was when they were camped out in front of michael jackson's parents' house after he died.
then, since i'm a creep, i decided to follow the pair to get a closer look. i trailed them to aahs!! "the ultimate gift store" which, coincidentally enough, had a display of "high school musical" chatskie in the window! it was there i noticed that zac was significantly taller than me and had a waist size no bigger than 28 inches - the perfect body! next, i turned my attention to vanessa who was absolutely tiny and talked in a baby voice (couldn't quite make out their conversation in my eavesdropping efforts). i quickly realized "wait a second, i've seen vanessa naked! i have her nude pictures on my computer!" i lingered a little longer for some foreplay, undressed her with my eyes a bit and then rushed home to seal the deal... my most gratifying encounter yet ;0)

7. selena gomez (taller than me)
another disney gal! i spied selena at poquito mas in, you guessed it, the ooooaaksss!!! poquito mas is a funny place; it's basically just a better version of baja fresh but they get celebrity patronage to the point where they have stickers on the doors that say something to the effect of "no picture taking. no autographs." i did see david caruso there once too so i guess there is something to it. back to selena; she was much taller than i would've guessed, awkwardly skinny, surprisingly buxom but with a teeny little baby head - she's like one of those kids books where you can mix and match all their different body parts. physically, not a fan but she seemed very nice; especially when a few little girls worked up the courage and sheepishly approached her just to say "hi." they took no photos and asked for no autographs.

dave grohl (taller than me)
mr. grohl has always intrigued me because i am not a fan of his music AT ALL (i know... everybody loves him) but am a fan of his personality. he's kind of like the opposite of terrell owens where, in his prime, was one of my favourite athletes to watch EVER. yet, i couldn't stand his personality and generally wished ill upon him. all that aside, i saw him too at aahs!! "the ultimate gift store" in sherman oaks where we were both standing in the checkout line when an overzealous fan asked to get a pic with him but grohl had his little girl in his arms and he justly replied "not today, i'm here with my kid." good for grohl! kids of stars shouldn't be subjected to glad handing with fans during a non-entertainment related outing. also interesting to note is that this sighting occurred during sherman oaks' biannual street fair where they shut down traffic betwixt kester and van nuys. other celebrities spied by me during these various oaks' fairs of which i've attended: gary cole of "the brady bunch movie" and "office space" fame as well as michael rooker from such hits as "mallrats" and "tombstone."

hugh laurie (taller than me)

this kinda sorta breaks my "no-celebrities-at-work" rule but i wasn't technically at work and neither was he. i was on the studio lot of my place of employment (i don't work on the lot) for some meshugana corporate training class and hugh was just leaving the gym. poor hugh was completely drenched in sweat, all hunched over and completely BALD in the back! as a balding man myself it's comforting to see the high and mighty of hollywood who are afflicted with the same malady and don't take the easy way out of shaving their head. of course, house of "house md" doesn't have a bald spot so i'm guessing he wears some sort of piece or toupee while acting. i'm okay with this but why can't house have a bald spot? here, he has the perfect opportunity to be someone for those of us in the bald community to look up to but instead he eschews this chance at heroism in lieu of vanity. sad.

julia louis-dreyfuss (shorter than me)
what a coup! who would've thought that a loser kid from salinas, ca would ever cross paths with one of the "fab four." i was at a movie theatre in west la when i saw her and she was absolutely BREATHTAKING! by far, she is the the most attractive celebrity i've ever seen. it was almost shocking to see a celebrity woman of her age and ilk with no signs of makeup, botox or any other kind of weirdo surgery. i'm not sure what movie she was seeing but she was with her husband and in a rush to catch her showing when an older couple approached her to tell her how they were visiting from out of town and what big fans they were. julia asked where they were from and when they responded she said "so sorry, gotta run!" and, as she was scampering away the older gentleman called after her "saw something about your new show on hbo! it looks great!!!" cute <3

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Tiago said...

I would set Laurie in a much better position. I love his work, both as a musician and as an actor. I heard him in a live recital for first time in Buenos Aires; i was on holidays in a buenos aires rent and he was on tour. The show was great and when I came back to the States I saw too more shows of him and he has never disappointed me.