Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ba dum POD!!! season 3: episode 3

if i could stop it with this incessant, muttley like giggling after every little thing i say this might've been a half decent pod. seriously, i need to fix this... be that as it may, we welcomed the JUDD monster to our humble studio where we discussed such sundry topics as pubic hair, ghost stories, john wayne and pubic hair (let me link you to the much ballyhooed demi moore bush pics ). we also blew this motha' open with an all new "ba dum POD!!! top-5 list" where we discussed the greatest teen movies of all time - NEAT! we also please ask you, the listener, to weigh in on if my verbal bullying of poor nick JUDD was distatsteful or was my incredulous nature at his slow uptake and lack of podcast chemistry warranted? see, as the pod was being podded, i thought i was being funny and we were kinda doing a bit then, immediatelty after podding commenced, i felt like i was a massive jerk and, after just relistening to the pod, i felt myself getting frustrated with JUDD all over again. how say you? was i the "heavy?" oh, and stay tuned for "producer dave's corrections!!!!"

ba dum BLOG!!!

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