Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ba dum pod!!! season 3: episode 1

and we're baaaaaaaack!!! wow, more than a month has passed since we podded last... sad face :0( but, the hiatus is over and it's the season three premiere where the official voice of the pod, leeroy mcdizzle, Is our guest for the third straight season premiere and the 37th time overall. in this week's episode, we espouse the values of not putting criminals in prison, suicide and extortion - NEAT! we also premiere two new clearly defined, produced segments where we list the "top 5 gays we wouldn't mind engaging in sexual activities with. and, we answer some lame hypothetical question about going to the moon in lieu of traveling to europe... or something like that. oh, and one correction: the son of sam's name is david berkowitz which i totally knew but just blanked on and he is a star in the prison system for his mentoring work with new inmates and such. and please, don't tune out before (or after) we discuss snagglepuss' salad days and/or we encounter a rare antonymical homophone (really, it's AMAZING!).

ba dum BLOG!!!

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