Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ba dum POD!!! season 2: episode 4

finally, the long awaited geeeene singletary/houseboats pod is here! in the first half of this week's pod we get to know geeeene, do a little bit of houseboats prognostications. and then, in the second half, i do my best to articulate the craziness that was the hb2k10 weekend. as per usual, my storytelling is horrendous and i'm sure i've missed a few key details. i'm also certain i forgot to mention a few of my fellow houseboaters and i apologize for that. to keep the excuse train rolling forward, i was also dealing with a chest cold/asthma sort of thing in part one so my energy and alacrity was not where it should've been. so, there you have it. oh, and we also share some secrets which proved to be a very dangerous enterprise as loose lips sink houseboats.

ba dum BLOG!!!

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