Tuesday, April 14, 2009

blogging, to and fro, in perpetuity

it's a common misconception that the key to comedy is... TIMING!!! au contraire mon fraire, sometimes the most hilarious things in life are such because of the untimely and outdated nature in which they've been broached and/or blogged. for example, randomly blogging about forgettable family features from the years 1998 and 2004, respectively, is much funnier and more interesting than blogging about obvious/relevant moving pictures such as "fast and furious" being faster, more furious but with less "the." okay, enough prologue; check out the two movie posters... how can this happen??? on your top left, you have the 1998 disney movie starring daniel stern called "tourist trap." then, on your bottom right, you have your 2004 robin williams vehicle (pun INTENDED) of "rv." the plots are different but similar enough: nutty, overenthusiastic dad takes reluctant family on vacay in an rv where hilarious hijinx ensue. that's fine; no mainstream movies are original and all can usually be gleaned, cliché plot point by cliché plot point, the second you even lay eyes on the movie poster. AHAAA, THE MOVIE POSTER!!! does this drive (pun INTENDED!) you guys as crazy as it does me??? in fact, i've been driven soooo cRAzY i just drove my motor house to the top of a roadless peak where i'll just let it teeter, to and fro, in perpetuity! how can "rv" just blatantly rip off "tourist trap" like this? columbia pictures produced "rv" and you'd think disney would've sued the pants off them, right? now, i’ve never had the pleasure of seeing either movie but i wouldn’t even be the least bit surprised if this scene never even occurs… I mean, how could it??? seriously.

ba dum BLOG!!!

editor's note: thanks for sticking with us. mo' betta' and mo' frequenta' blogs to come. seriously. really.


John said...

Wow, was this whole post about the similarities between these two posters? That is comedic timing, and I like.

Second, Wacky overethusiastic father who plots fun family vacation that goes awry was the ilk of one Clark W. Griswold. He is the 'o-ridge' as Adam Hughes would have said.

Colin said...

Two intended puns in one blog? I am in heaven.